How could this happen?

I am sad today. Jade Ellis, my fave act on the X Factor this year, is out of the competition.

I reckon Tulisa made a bit of a bad decision getting Jade to dance – but Jade‘s dancing still wasn’t as bad as it was critiqued to be. Plus, at least Jade had a go and mixed things up a bit.

The main thing was that her vocals were still mind-blowing.

I just don’t get why people are voting for the likes of Christopher Maloney. Confess your sins here, kids.

Apart from at, like, Pontins, where is he going to go after X Factor?

His dull (and out of tune) performance even sparked the (really mean) fag ash breath’ comments from Gary Barlow to Tulisa.

All in all, the Maloney needs to GO.

Jade is so much more relevant to young people and older folk alike – she can sing anything with her soulful voice, from cutting edge R’n’B to soul classics.

I’m sure she will still get the recording contract she deserves – and will probably do better for it without the X Factor winner’s curse hanging over her.

But, for now, we are left with the croonings of Christopher bargain cruise ship break’ Maloney to look forward to on a Saturday night. Cry.

I literally can’t watch another performance from him. (But I will. Just for this blog.)


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