Heidi's lost her identity due to her surgery and marriage and it makes me sad!

You’re supposed to hate Heidi Montag on Celebrity Big Brother, right?

Well actually, so far I don’t.

She’s uber-rich (we knew this from her days on The Hills), and she’s gorgeous too (though she’s had far too much surgery, I think she still looks great).

So I should hate her. But I don’t.

To me, Heidi seems like a genuinely sweet girl.

She’s just been manipulated by her husband, Spencer Pratt.

There was a sad moment on the show a few nights ago when Lacey Banghard asked Heidi if she wanted to have kids.

Heidi replied that yes, of course she did – but that Spencer didn’t, so there wouldn’t be any baby Pratts, for now.

‘My priority is my husband, and I love him so much that if he didn’t want to have kids then that would be my choice. Maybe I’m not meant to have kids.’

Of course, couples have their differences over kids – but Heidi‘s a woman who’s so totally and utterly ruled by her man that it makes me upset.

It sounds like there’s no discussion with Spencer over many issues, and Heidi follows her husband’s choices, no matter what.

This was evident again on last night’s episode, in the gross task when housemates had to pass disgusting food like raw fish and fermented duck eggs to each other, from mouth to mouth.

Heidi cried when she found out that Spencer would have to pass food from his mouth to Lacey‘s.

She cried out of frustration, and Spencer hardly comforted her, just mumbled a bit about ‘this is what Big Brother wants’.

She’s totally besotted with her husband (who is NOTHING special!) – and clearly under his thumb.

Heidi also revealed last night that she didn’t speak to her mum for two years after her controversial plastic surgery.

Sure, Spencer and Heidi love being Speidi. But with each episode of the show that I watch, I feel a little bit more sorry for one half of the ‘evil’ couple.

There’s a fun, sparky girl in there somewhere – but she’s lost a lot of herself along the way.

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