Nadia Almada says she's sorry for comments about Josie Gibson and John James Parton

Nadia Almada is remorseful about criticising John James Parton in front of girlfriend Josie Gibson.

The Ultimate Big Brother housemate, who was so depressed after the show she didn’t want to go on living, wishes she hadn’t been so mean.

‘I apologise for those comments,’ says Nadia, 33. ‘They were insensitive and it was bad timing.

‘As a viewer I loved Josie, I just didn’t think [John James] cared for her the same way.

‘That’s what everyone else was saying.’

Nadia believes racing pundit John McCririck was even more critical of the Aussie hunk.

‘He said [Josie] deserved better [than John James] too,’ she says. ‘Why didn’t he become the villain?’

Nadia seems to forget that she also slated Josie over her BB11 win in front of the other housemates.

She was a fun character but bloody predictable,’ she sneered.

All this romance, that’s all there was to her.’

But John James, 25, bears no grudge.

I didn’t much know about it til Josie got out [of the Big Brother house],’ John James told fans on a live web chat.

I don’t dislike [Nadia], she’s entitled to her opinion.’

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