The love rat slimes his way into the house

Anthea Turner’s probably quaking in her boots right now as her ex husband has signed a whopping £100,000 to appear on the Celebrity Big Brother.

Prepare for plenty of secrets to be spilled about their 15-year marriage which saw Anthea kicking her husband out of their Surrey home in 2013 amid allegations he’d had a year-long affair with socialite Zoe de Mallet Morgan.

  • Grant obviously thinks he’s going to get his leg over as he dumped his girlfriend, Zoe of three years a few days before entering the house.
  • Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey were granted a quickie divorce in October 2015. The hearing lasting just two minutes.


  • His ex-wife Anthea appeared in the first ever celebrity version of ‘Big Brother’ 15 years ago.
  • Grant faced critisim for cashing in on his wedding to Anthea in 200 for posing with pictured with branded chocolate bars.
  • Grant was declared bankrupt in 2010 after he racked up debts of an estimated £50 million.
  • In 1988, Grant released a single under the name Michael Grant called ‘Don’t Turn Your Back’ – it only reached number 99 in the charts.
  • In 2002, Grant was knocked out by in the third round of a charity boxing match. His opponent? The one and only Ricky Gervais.
  • Grant loves his bike and took part in the London to Paris bike ride in 2015.
  • Grant has three daughters, Lily, Amelia and Claudia from his marriage to Della Bovey.