Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole still upset with fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh after his live TV rant

Cheryl Cole doesn’t think Louis Walsh is coming across well on TV following his X Factor outbursts this year.

On the first live show, the Irish music mogul was booed by the audience after he cut the Girls Aloud star short as she was giving her comments to finalist Katie Waissel, 24.

‘I have an opinion – it’s not all about you,’ he said.

Now Cheryl, 27, has hit back at her fellow judge. 

‘It was really out of context,’ she explains. ‘It was random.

‘I just said to him, “If there’s a problem, come to my dressing room, and let’s have it out. Why are you shouting at us? What’s that all about?”

‘I hadn’t even mentioned myself when he said, “It’s not all about you – you’re making yourself look stupid!” No actually, you are Louis.’

Cheryl has joked that Louis, 58, thinks he’s the star of The X Factor

‘Maybe he might think it’s all about the judges because he’s a judge,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘But for me, it’s about my girls and how they perform. I really don’t care what Louis‘ opinion of me is.’

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