Dermot sports a revealing pair of kecks

Dermot O’Leary caused quite a stir on Sunday’s X Factor.

The show’s host was sporting a rather tight pair of cream trousers, revealing a shapely bulge in his crotch area that Twitter fans were quick to comment on.

‘I love Dermot O’leary, but I love him even more when he’s wearing tight trousers, js,’ Tweeted one.

Another wrote: ‘Ehhh dermot o leary has a grand package in those pants #justsaying.’

Ratings rose from 9.3 million on Saturday night to 10.4 million the next day and it looks like Dermot‘s fashion choice could have been partly responsible for the surge!

The 40-year-old took to the site himself today to joke that having his manhood on show had been long-planned by his wardrobe department.

‘I’ll not lie to you boys, my people have been in bulge talks for months. It’s bigger(;-)) than Yalta,’ Tweeted Dermot.

But it seems Dermot is now getting a little tired of reading about his tackle.

‘Slow news day? X,’ he Tweeted in response to reports this morning.

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Anna Duff