At the age of 9, Damian Hurley already has a way with the ladies

Liz Hurley joined Gossip Girl as media mogul Diana Payne and took her 9-year-old son Damian with her to New York while she worked on the show.

Blake Lively, 24, who plays heiress Serena van der Woodsen, made sure Damian had fun in the Big Apple.

‘Over the summer he was on the set the entire time – he never got bored once, and he got to say: “Action!” a few times, too,’ says Liz, 46.

‘I was working late one night and Blake asked if she could take Damian out. So she took him on a little date, to an ice cream parlour.

‘That was his first date – Blake Lively!’

And it looks like Damian – whose father is American businessman Steve Bing – has found his ideal future workplace.

Despite stepdad-to-be Shane Warne, 42, offering to teach him cricket, Damian is more at home mingling with TV stars.

‘He isn’t the sportiest boy. But Shane did very kindly give him some bowling lessons in the summer,’ Liz tells You magazine.

‘It was slightly wasted on Damian, who would prefer to eat ice cream with Blake Lively!’


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Anna Duff