But star worried it would affect her career

Tulisa Contostavlos was worried the whole of the UK thought she was a ‘slapper’ after a clip of her giving a man oral sex was circulated online.

The singer – who claims it is her ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Justin Edwards, aka Ultra, in the video – says she’s only ever seen stills of the footage.

‘I would hardly call it a sex tape,’ a tearful Tulisa tells Alan Carr, 35, in a TV interview.

‘Number one, because there was no sex involved in it.

two, a 19-year-old who’s just starting to learn to give blow jobs and
her boyfriend pulls out a video camera doesn’t really class as a sex

Tulisa, 23, says she suffered ‘a mini mental breakdown’ after the video was leaked on the internet last month.

She admits she heard rumours about its existence shortly after she landed a job on The X Factor last summer – but Ultra denied any knowledge.

‘Every day during X Factor I was absolutely shitting myself because I didn’t want anything like that out there,’ says Tulisa.

‘I’ve always said I wouldn’t even do a bloody bikini shoot let alone something like that.

‘I’m all about, to an extent, morals and I’ve got a really close-knit family and things like that.

‘It’s just not right.’

Ultra denies he’s responsible for the footage being made public.

Alan Carr‘s Chatty Man is on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

WATCH Tulisa‘s apology following the leak…


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