Bilyana fails to impress the business boss

Bilyana Apostolova was fired by Lord Alan Sugar in the opening episode of The Apprentice last night.

The risk analyst blamed her all-female team mates – who bickered throughout the show – for losing the first challenge.

‘I felt like I kept trying to save the task and in the end it cost me,’ Bilyana, 25, tells Metro.

‘I sacrificed myself for that team.’

Lord Alan challenged his 16 competitors to buy £500 worth of blank material and create designs to print onto the merchandise before selling it to the public for profit.

The girls’ team Sterling led by Gabrielle Omar, 29, made a respectable profit of £214.80, but the boys’ team Phoenix, led by Nick Holzherr, 25, finished with an impressive £616.20.

Bilyana tried her best in the boardroom to persuade Lord Sugar to keep her, but her tendency to over-complicate the task and her frequent interruptions irritated the businessman and she ended up being sent home in a black cab.

Bilyana you’re sitting there talking like a city strategist, this is a two bob outing,’ said Alan, 64.

‘This is not a takeover of Goldman Sachs, this is simple stuff!

‘I’m not listening to anybody anymore now, I’ve had enough of listening to you.

‘I’m telling you what the situation is whether you like it or not.

‘It is a difficult decision to make in this first task so the person leaving today may feel that they haven’t had enough time to show themselves, but that’s tough, that’s what this process is about.’

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Esme Riley