Jenna Whittingham is latest hopeful to go home

Jenna Whittingham was the 9th candidate to be sent packing by Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice 2012.

The 25-year-old beauty salon owner was criticised for creating a ‘rubbish’ and ‘cheesy’ advert for Team Stirling‘s English sparkling wine, Grandeur.

‘I can see people’s view on it now and why people think, “Oh my God, how ridiculous”,’ says Jenna.

‘But at the time, I thought it just had a little bit of humour and would help raise awareness.

‘If it raises awareness of sparkling wine is another question. I was going for a different angle.’

The contestants were last night asked to create a marketing campaign to promote our home-grown alternative to champagne and then pitch it to wine experts.

Team Phoenix – led for the 2nd week in a row by Tom Gearing, 23 – were picked as the winners of the task, even though their ad was labelled ‘boring’ and more like a ‘sales pitch’.

Stirling had messed up too badly and so leader Ricky Martin, 26, chose to take Jenna and sales manager Stephen Brady, 33, back into the boardroom.

It was here that Alan branded Jenna‘s video ‘disastrous’.

‘It is with regret that I’m going to have to say, despite all the hard work, that Jenna, I’m sending you home,’ said Alan, 64. ‘You’re fired.’

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Esme Riley