Laura Hogg is latest hopeful to go home

Laura Hogg was the 8th candidate to be sent packing by Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice 2012.

The 28-year-old bridal shop owner was criticised by her Team Phoenix project manager Tom Gearing, 23, for taking a ‘back seat’ after she brought in the least money during last night’s art task.

‘I’m feeling pretty gutted at the moment, especially since I am so confident in my own sales ability and I can’t believe that’s what sent me home,’ Laura said after her departure.

The contestants were asked to represent 2 urban artists and sell their work from a London gallery to customers, collectors and clients. 

The teams first visited the artists to choose who they’d like to represent. Both wanted Pure Evil, but he chose the more enthusiastic Team Stirling to sell his work.

Stirling – led by Jade Nash, 29 – brought in a final commission of £4,579.65, narrowly beating Phoenix, whose end figure was £4,442.

Laura was ultimately blamed for her team’s failure because she secured just £750 of that total.

‘You think you’re a good salesperson…I’m not totally convinced,’ Alan, 64, told her in the boardroom.

‘You’re certainly a good talker.

‘I’m not totally convinced that you should remain in the process, so Laura, you’re fired.’

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Esme Riley