Kye Sones is up for offers

X Factor finalist Kye Sones admits he lost his virginity as a teenager in Greece.

‘I think I was about 17,’ the hot chimney sweep tells us.

‘It happened on a boys’ holiday in Kos. She was 28. I’ve been out with older girls – I find them attractive.

‘But I’m not fussy.’

Kye, 30,is single after splitting up with US beauty editor Halle Carlson. He’s keen on Tulisa but would he ever sleep with a fan?

‘Yeah. I’ve already had a few marriage proposals and I just say yes to all of them,’ says Kye. ‘I’m going to have a busy summer!

‘I like girls who are confident, cocky and street smart.

‘I like it when they take the piss out of me. Banter’s the most important thing.’

Read the full interview with Kye Sones in Now magazine dated 29 October 2012 – out now!

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