Matt Smith knows Daisy Lowe would make a great mum

Doctor Who star Matt Smith is besotted with girlfriend Daisy Lowe and is keen to start a family with the stunning model.

‘He’s so in love with Daisy,’ says Now’s insider.

‘He’d marry her tomorrow if she agreed.

‘She’s his ideal woman – and he can’t believe his luck that they’re together.’

Daisy, 22, who previously shared a pad with pal Jaime Winstone, is now living with Matt, 28, but is adamant that she’s too young for kids – especially after talking it over with her former drug addict mum Pearl Lowe, 41.

Pearl had Daisy as a teenager after a fling with Gavin Rossdale, who’s now married to Gwen Stefani.

Daisy saw her mum miss out on lots of things by having her when she was just 19,’ reveals our insider.

Pearl‘s advice has always been to live life to the full before settling down and having kids.

‘She adores Matt and thinks he’s great for Daisy, but she doesn’t want her to rush into starting a family like she did.’

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