Misha B thinks Tulisa and Louis' comments on Saturday's show were unfair

Misha B has hit back at Saturday night’s claims that she’s been bullying fellow X Factor contestants backstage.

The 19-year-old, whose mum abandoned her when she was 3 months old, admits she was unkind at school – but says her mean behaviour’s all in the past. 

‘At school I was bullied – and I did bully people myself, but I am a different person now,’ insists Misha.

‘When I was younger, the stuff that I had to deal with was tough.

‘You make mistakes and learn from them.’

Judge Tulisa Contostavlos, 23, tore into Misha on Saturday night’s live show, claiming she’d been ‘mean’ to her contestants behind the scenes, before Louis Walsh, 59, called her a ‘bully’ – a comment he apologised for last night.

But Manchester girl Misha insists the harsh comments will only make her stronger.

‘Being called an X Factor bully on national TV was not fair. I know I’m not a bad person,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

Tulisa hurt my feelings because there’s always 2 sides to the story.

‘I’m here for the music. Things do get heated backstage, but I’m going to take on board what they’ve said and take it in my stride.’

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