Footie hunk plans to start watching the ITV soap

Cristiano Ronaldo still hasn’t tuned into Coronation Street – despite living in Manchester since 2003.

The footie hunk, 24, wants to find out why the British public are so obsessed with the ITV1 soap.

‘I promise I will watch it next time it is on and I am home,’ says Cris.

‘I didn’t know what Coronation Street was when I came here — actually I didn’t know what it was for the first two years.

‘People told me it’s a big thing here. I think Manchester United is the biggest thing in Manchester and then after that it is Coronation Street.’

reckons becoming a Corrie fan will make him a true Mancunian.

‘If I do, maybe it will make me a real Manchester citizen,’ he tells The Sun.

‘I will have to ask Wayne Rooney if he watches it, although I don’t think he will admit it because it is a show mainly for women, right?’

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