Actor believes his hero can take on the universe with just a ball of string

David Tennant took 2 weeks to accept writer Russell T Davies’s offer to become Doctor Who.

He wasn’t sure if it was the right for him, but couldn’t bear seeing anyone else in the part.

‘He writes great roles for blue creatures from the planet Zog,’ says David.

The actor has always been a fan of the series so it wasn’t really much of a struggle.

‘I saw it as futuristic and scientific and at the same time all a bit hand-knitted.

‘It always felt like he [the Doctor] only needed a ball of string to save everything. 

‘This great character who just burns through the middle with enthusiasm and glee.’

David, 37, has decided to vacate the Tardis while playing a time traveller is still fun.

‘I want to go while I still love it,’ he tells the Telegraph magazine. ‘ I’ve had such a good time and I want to keep it special.’

Matt Smith will replace David Tennant as the Doctor in 2010.

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