The TV presenter reveals the secret to her happy marriage

Davina McCall adores her husband and makes sure he’s pampered.

The mum-of-three doesn’t want ex-Pet Rescue presenter Matthew Robertson, 40, to get a wandering eye.

‘He’s completely gorgeous, and the one person in the world who understands all sides of me,’ she says. ‘Oh, and he’s incredibly sexy!’

Davina, also 40, had a troubled relationship with her ex-alcoholic mum, who recently passed away, but is indebted to her for one great bit of advice.

‘When I was about 13 she said: “If you don’t look after your husband, he’ll leave you for a woman who will”,’ Davina tells Fabulous.

‘I think that’s true. A good love life is a major part of a good marriage.’

The TV presenter is currently hosting Big Brother 9.

Lauren Parr