Emma doesn't want to see any saucy antics

Emma Willis really doesn’t want to see any of the Big Brother housemates getting frisky.

The presenter, who has taken over hosting the show from Brian Dowling, hasn’t enjoyed seeing contestants becoming passionate in previous series.

Nobody wants sex in the Big Brother house!’ says Emma, 37.

We all saw Michelle [Bass] and “Chicken” Stu [Wilson, from series 5] and those little feet popping out under that tablecloth; we all saw Makosi [Musambasi’s] face [in series 6], and she didn’t even know if she’d had sex!

I don’t need to see anything more than that.’

Emma, who is married to former Busted star Matt Willis, is coy about how she’d feel going without sex if she were a contestant on the show.

I can’t answer that!’ the mum-of-two says.

It depends how long you’re in the house for.’

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