TV presenter wishes she could remove her image

Fearne Cotton was horrified to find she was being used as a role model on a pro-anorexia website.

The star, 26, made the discovery while she was filming a documentary about eating diorders.

‘Oh my God, what the hell’s my name doing there? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,’ Fearne says.

‘A picture of me when I was about 20 years old and a bit thinner than I am now. To think girls would use that is horrific.

‘I wish I could take myself off this website. I don’t want to be associated with anything like this. Anything this website says I do not believe.

‘Girls should not try and look like anyone. Girls, you should be yourself, know who you are and love yourself – that’s the message I want to put out there.

‘I hate the fact I’m on that site with a bunch of people who probably don’t want to be there also.’

The Truth About Online Anorexia airs on ITV tonight at 9pm.