It’s all change for the X Factor alumnus

From his chiselled cheekbones to his slender frame, the suave young man on our shoot isn’t the Craig Colton we knew from last year’s X Factor.

But when the stylist offers him a nipple-skimming top to try on, the old Craig’s back.

‘I look like Katie Price!’ he yells in that familiar Scouse voice.

Craig has written songs about his relationship with former X Factor act Danyl Johnson.

‘Falling in love, splitting up… it all has an influence,’ he tells us.

‘Everything I’ve been through is there.

‘It was a short relationship because we started out as friends.

‘The pressure of being in the public eye got the better of us.

‘We’re still friends.

Danyl texts me and I’ve written a few songs about it.’

Craig is now ready to find someone special.

‘I was always open about my sexuality on the show, but I’d never rule out a relationship with a woman,’ he reveals.

‘I was recently attracted to a woman who was just like me in a woman’s body.

‘We’re just friends, but there’s something special about her.’

Read the full interview with Craig Colton in Now magazine dated 15 October 2012 – out now!


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