Ricci Guarnaccio and Vicky plan to tie the knot in 2014

Finding love on a reality TV show? Who hasn’t! It’s already written into the contract, isn’t it?

But we can assure you, after spending a day with the lads and lasses from Geordie Shore to celebrate the brand new fourth series, there’s no scripted showmance here: Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio really are getting married in 2014.

‘Me and Vicky have both proved we want to spend the rest of our

lives with each other and that’s very rare in a young couple, especially

in the limelight like we are,’ Ricci, 26, tells us.

‘We both really want this. It was absolutely love at first sight.

‘We have the same interests, we enjoy the same things and we’re never really apart.’

Ricci is heading to Vegas for his stag night but Vicky prefers Spain for her hen do.

‘I’m renting a villa in Ibiza. I love it there,’ says Vicky, 25.


have the hen and stag do’s at least a month before the wedding, though,

because I know he’ll have something shaved off and I’m not marrying

someone with no eyebrows or no hair.’

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