Andrew Sachs' granddaughter reckons prank calls controversy got out of hand

Georgina Baillie has forgiven Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand for their Radio 2 prank calls.

The pair caused a storm last month when they boasted about how Russ had slept with the Satanic Sluts dancer in lewd answerphone messages left for her actor grandfather Andrew Sachs, 78 – then broadcast.

Jonathan, 47, has been suspended by the BBC for 12 weeks without pay and Russell, 33, has resigned.

But Georgina, 23, reckons things have got out of hand.  

‘I was really angry when I said I wanted them both to be fired,’ she tells Channel 5. ‘But now I think it’s way out of proportion what’s happened.

‘I don’t hate either of them. I think they’re really talented comedians and I think a world without Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand would be a very sad, dull place.

‘They made a mistake and they apologised to my granddad which was very important to me. I hope that everyone can move on and that we can forget about this.’

Meanwhile, Georgina is being lined-up to appear on the new series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

‘We try to be as topical as possible and feature high-profile people who are in the news,’ an insider tells the Daily Express.

‘This year Georgina is on our hot-list. Andrew Sachs’ name was mentioned too. She would probably go in as a surprise addition to the camp towards the end of the first week.’