Contestants angry to be lied to by Shameless actor

Hells Kitchen‘s Jody Latham has been sacked by Marco Pierre White.

On Saturday the Shameless actor called Anthea Turner a silly cow and was warned by Anthea’s husband Grant Bovey never to speak to his wife like that ever again.

Jody got all the other contestants hopping mad by not helping out in the kitchen and then lying to them about Marco’s orders regarding a table that hadn’t been served.

He insisted the celebrity chef had agreed food should be prepared for the diners – when he hadn’t.

After admitting to the fib, Jody defended his actions at first – even though Ade Edmondson called him a ‘tosser’ – until Marco told him he was in the wrong.

‘Im not prepared to let people go hungry,’ Jody said. ‘Maybe Im too keen, too eager. At the end of the day I aint taking no prisoners.’

Marco told Jody, 27, he reminded him of his emotional younger self and encouraged him to apologise to the other Hell’s Kitchen contestants.

But he didn’t sack him for his behaviour immediately. With the others’ agreement, he gave Jody another 24 hours to prove himself. 

He didn’t.

Jody was sacked because he refused to be a team player,’ Marco explained. ‘I have to think of my team, not the individual.’