Anna recorded the TV presenter's shameful rant

When Anna Larke finally found the courage to leave her abusive ex-boyfriend Justin Lee Collins last year after a seven month relationship, she endured one last shocking row – and managed to bravely record it.

‘I decided to tape it not to take it to the papers or even the police, but just as proof to myself that I was doing the right thing by leaving him,’ Anna told Now.

‘In my weaker moments, I knew I could play the recordings to myself over and over and it would remind me that I was right to take myself out of that situation.’

The tapes were made on a Saturday night last July when Anna and Justin had been to the pub and enjoyed the summer evening sitting outside.

When Anna pointed out a young couple sat opposite them who were being affectionate towards each other, this angered Justin.

‘He ordered me to put my arm around him, and when I said something like, “Why don’t you put your arm around me too?” he lost it.’

Later that evening as the couple returned home and argued in their bedroom, Anna managed to record what happened on her mobile phone, which she concealed under a pillow on their bed.

‘I was petrified he’d see what I was doing,’ reveals Anna, who had already been subjected to a catalogue of abuse at the hands of Justin, including being pinched, slapped, held down and hit around the head with a magazine.

Justin Lee Collins was found guilty of harassment earlier this month and sentenced to 140 hours community service.

Sorry we are unable to publish the tapes.

Read Anna Larke‘s full interview in the new issue of Now magazine dated 29 October 2012 – out now.