The TV presenter is looking for a new lady


In our brand new Love & Dating Confessions Jeff Brazier reveals he’s a hot single dad.

TV presenter Jeff, 32 – father to 2 Bobby, 8, and Freddy, 7, from his relationship with the late Jade Goody – spends his Friday nights at home with his boys.

10 years ago, it was a very different story.

‘Back then it was all about getting in from work, going down the pub then heading over to Faces nightclub in Essex for an evening out with the lads – and if I was lucky, a lady,’ recalls Jeff, 32.

‘My love life’s been a bit barren for the past couple of months.

‘I’ve been trying not to feel too sorry for myself but I’ll admit that I need to up my game – Freddy has more girlfriends right now than I had in my entire twenties.

‘However, I’m vowing to make things happen and I’m on the brink of a big, potentially life-changing decision.

‘In the meantime, maybe Freddy can give me some pointers?’

Read Jeff Brazier’s full confession in Now magazine dated 24 October 2011 – out now!

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