Actress has always been drawn to the soap

Lacey Turner started hanging out at EastEnders long before she’d even landed a role.

The London-born actress, who recently returned to Albert Square as Stacey Branning, admits she used to flog knitwear and look out for her future co-stars near the set when she was younger.

EastEnders is close to my heart so when I was asked to come back, I said I definitely, definitely want to,’ says Lacey, 26.

‘When I was a kid I used to sell old-granny jumpers on a market stall on the corner by the studios at Elstree [Hertfordshire, where the soap is filmed].

‘I’d see the cast driving in and out, and I’d see Jessie Wallace [Kat Moon] walking up the High Street.

‘I’d never say “hi”, oh no. Even when I see people now I don’t do that. If I recognise them, I still get shy and embarrassed.’

Lacey is thrilled to be back at EastEnders after three years away and has settled in again very quickly.

‘I’ve got everything laid out exactly as it used to be in my dressing room,’ the actress tells TV Magazine.

‘It’s like these last three years didn’t actually happen. I’m funny like that; I don’t like change.

‘I get people saying: “Why have you gone back there?” Because I love it. It’s right for me.’

EastEnders is up for several gongs at the British Soap Awards 2014, with Stacey‘s return nominated for Best Storyline – watch the ceremony on Sunday 25 May at 8.15pm on ITV.  

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