Gavin Henson doesn't want to embarass himself on Strictly Come Dancing

Gavin Henson is worried that he won’t be able to control his manhood as her performs on Strictly Come Dancing.

He has a point, the contestants have to clutch each other very tightly and it’s a wonder that the men don’t regularly embarrass themselves as things get hot and sweaty.

[I’m scared of] getting aroused when I’m dancing close to my dance partner,’ Gavin has admitted.

The Welsh rugby star has now been paired up with sexy Katya Virshilas in Strictly Come Dancing Season 8, so that definitely won’t put his mind at rest.

She’ll be wrapping herself around him in the tiniest bit of Lycra with a few sprinkes of sequins.

Gavin, 28 – who has remained single since his split from Charlotte Church, 24, in May – hopes that the 3-week training period before the first live show on 1 October will help him adjust.

This is something I need to get used to,’ says Gavin. ‘Getting close to a girl..

Hopefully I will loosen up.’

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Kim Clarke-Overy