Actress goes to hospital halfway through filming

Sherrie Hewson had to rush off the set of Loose Women when she fell ill.

The actress, 58, was taken to hospital with a severe nosebleed during filming on Thursday.

Host Andrea McClean, 39, had to explain the sudden absence to viewers when the show returned from an ad break.

Earlier, Sherrie had an on-screen row with co-star Denise Welch, 50.

‘I have been known to show my caesarean scar if people are interested – but only because I’m proud of it,’ said Denise.

And Sherrie replied: ‘No one cares about your scar.

Denise responded, saying: ‘I wouldn’t show you my scar if you begged me, so shut up.’

But bosses insist their spat wasn’t the cause of Sherrie‘s premature exit.

‘The presenters get quite heated sometimes,’ a Loose Women spokesman tells The Sun. ‘But it was nothing to do with that at all.

Sherrie will return after her previously arranged holiday on April 14.’

Her agent confirmed she left because of a severe nosebleed.