Hollywood star Matt LeBlanc has an impressive manhood in Episodes


Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc was happy to be cast as a self-obsessed, fame-hungry version of himself in comedy series Episodes.

The Hollywood idol, who appears in the US/Brit comedy alongside Tamsin Greig and Richard Griffiths, says the Matt LeBlanc in the show is definitely not the real him.

‘There are lots of differences between him and me,’ Matt, 43, points out with a grin.

‘In the show I own a restaurant. I don’t own a restaurant. I would never want to own a restaurant.

‘I also have a jet. I don’t really have a jet. Although I wish I had a jet.

‘I also have a huge penis. Have you heard about my giant dick?’

Matt loves the idea of a phantom organ. 

‘On the show it’s referred to as something out of Jules Verne that could attack a city,’ he tells Seven.

‘To set the record straight I have very human proportions and that’s all I’m going to say about it.’

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