Professor Green's girl Millie ignored the taunts

When she was a teenager, Millie Mackintosh was teased for having long slim legs.

Her pins are now the envy of Made in Chelsea fans, but some of Millie‘s classmates made her feel she was a bit of a freak.

‘At school people used to call me names like “Sparrow Legs” because I had such long, gangly limbs,’ says Millie, 22.

‘But you have to rise above that. My mum always told me to be confident.’

‘I learnt a long time ago how to deal with playground bullying. It’s a life lesson

‘Don’t give them the time of day, they just want a reaction.

‘I’m happy with my body and I know that’s hard for a lot of girls to say.’

Millie knows she’s lucky to have inherited great genes.

‘Both my parents and my sister are slim and I’ve got tall grandparents,’ she tells Celebs On Sunday. 

‘They’re 6ft – or they were. They’ve shrunk a bit now.’

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