As Nadiya Hussain wins 2015’s Breat British Bake Off comes to an end, we look back at some of the series best moments

The Queen, a proper cup of tea, Stephen Fry – there are few things we can think of many things more British than the Great British Bake Off.

Last night, a reported 14 millions of us turned in to find out who was going to be the champion of choux pastry, master of mixing and winner of the Bake Off 2015.

And it was…*drumroll please*….Nadiya Hussain!

Great British Bake Off Final 2015

CONGRATULATIONS! (ALL of the party popper and celebration emojis)

From her amazing facial expressions, sassy comebacks and motherly baking know-how, Nadiya was crowned the winner of the Bake Off! She cried. We cried. Even Mary Berry cried.

Mary Berry Bake Off

As quickly as it had returned to our screens, it’s leaving our lives already. We’re not quite sure we’re emotionally prepared for it to all ending, and there to be a Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood shaped void in our lives for another year.

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While we cry into our cream horns about the end of the Bake off , we’re taking a look back at the best bits of the series this year – the good, the bad and the yummy!

1.) Sue’s BAKE!

Bake Off would be nothing without Mel and Sue’s quick quips and cheeky innuendos, but we honestly can’t say the word ‘bake’ normally without shouting it like we’re about to start a challenge.

2.) Icing disaster

The whole nation looked like the shocked face emoji when Mat put his icing in the flipping oven. THE OVEN! While everyone else’s was chilling in the freezer. And he wondered why it ended up looking a bit dodgy.

3.) Tennis what?

That technical challenge didn’t just cause confusion for Mat as Nadiya couldn’t quite recall what a tennis court even looked like. We’re sure it has lines on some sort on it…

4.) RAWR-some loaf

Other Paul (not Hollywood) will forever be known for his majestic lion bread. Even Paul (Hollywood) bloomin’ loved it and we all know what a tough cookie he can be to please.

5.) Sentimental sandwich

You know a sandwich is pretty darn special when you remember it years later and add it to your list of favourite sandwiches. Not that many of us have a list like that (maybe we should start). But thank god Tamal did, otherwise he may not have ever created the recipe that it inspired!

6.) The coveted handshake

Getting a Paul Hollywood handshake on the Bake Off is like seeing a four leaf clover or getting a double yolk in your egg. It’s like THE seal of approval. Paul, Tamal and Nadiya – you should all be very proud.

7.) Winning wink

The only thing more rare that a Paul Hollywood handshake is a Mary Berry wink.

8.) Sassy sister

Nadiya not only had the best facial expressions we ever did see (seriously, we think she may be half emoji), but she also came out with some of the best one-liners in Bake Off history, including finding baking more stressful than childbirth.

9.) Gusset-gate

Paul got us all in fits of giggles when he made a lady out of icing but forget a VERY vital part of her bikini bottoms. Maybe don’t become a swimwear designer eh Paul?

10.) Flora’s freezing

No-one loves a fridge or freezer more than Flora. And can we just talk about how she gets her macarons perfect, every. Single. Time.

11.) Chocolate well|

Most of the showstoppers on the show blow our little minds over how incredible they are but when Ian made a wishing well out of chocolate with an ACTUAL working, function bucket that you could crank down into a pool of white chocolate, well, we were just lost for words.

12.) Helping hand

Even though it’s a competition, the contestants are always on hand to help each other out. And that’s the best bit about the Bake Off in general – it’s oh-so-typically British and ever SO lovely!

Bye for another year Bake Off! We’ll miss you ol’ buddy.

Amy Lo