Ricky gets the £250,000 investment money in his idea

Lord Alan Sugar made Ricky Martin his new Apprentice last night.

Ricky triumphed over runner-up Tom Gearing, 23, and fellow finalists Nick Holzherr, 25, and Jade Nash, 29.

The 26-year-old will now get the benefit of £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar into a recruitment agency specialising in science and technology.

‘It’s a very, very difficult moment for me right now,’ the businessman told Ricky and Tom as he chose between them.

‘You’re both credible people to invest money in, so is it the devil or is it the safety? And I should keep to my ethos of keeping it simple, keeping it straightforward.

‘So Ricky you’re going to be my business partner. Ricky, you’re hired.’

One of Ricky‘s successes was the business plan for Team Sterling’s male grooming range named Modern Gentleman, which Lord Sugar felt was professional.

‘Lord Sugar and I are going to be a powerful force to
reckon with,’ says Ricky.

‘I can’t say I’ve digested it yet. I’m ecstatic. Genuine
shock, I’m so, so pleased.’

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Esme Riley