The controversial X Factor contestant has received death threats on Twitter

Rylan Clark was saved at the expense of Carolynne Poole in the first X Factor live show this year and the decision caused quite a reaction.

After receiving numerous death threats and abusive messages on Twitter, Rylan, 23, has turned to Katie Price, 34. She’s been his pal since he entered her modelling TV show Signed By Katie Price last year.
Katie’s a really good friend and she knows what it’s like to be going through what I’m going through at the moment,’ says Rylan.

‘She said to me, “Get on with it and enjoy it because the more people are talking, the more people are interested.

‘”Keep your chin up and remember who you are.”

‘She also said that if I start believing in every bit of sh*t that’s written about me, that’s when I’ll end up going on a wobbly.’

Although Rylan puts on a brave face, he confesses that he’s been hurt by the hatred, and is confused by the public’s harsh reaction.

‘I am a controversial figure,’ Rylan admits.

‘I didn’t expect I’d get as much backlash as I have though.

‘I’m not a murderer, I’ve done nothing wrong.

‘There are times when you’re in a bit of a state and you feel upset.

‘If other people got a millionth of the messages I’ve been getting, it would probably kill them.

‘It would probably get them to the point where they wouldn’t leave the house.’

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Lucy Lynch