Olly is over a tough time

Olly Murs has spoken candidly about a difficult time in his life.

An appearance on a Channel 4 panel show helped him realise that he was struggling with the pressures of being famous.

‘I did 8 Out Of 10 Cats with comedian Jimmy Carr, but I really wasn’t myself,’ says Olly, 28.

‘I was rubbish – I hardly said anything, I pretty much just sat there, feeling strange.

‘My head was all over the place.’

It was only when managers Sarah Thomas and Mark Murphy expressed their worries that the extent of Olly‘s troubles became clear.

‘I sat there and just listened to them shouting and then I just started crying,’ Olly tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘I felt like I just wanted to drink – note that word, “wanted” to drink. I’ve never “wanted” to drink in my life!

‘I felt like I needed a boost and drinking was that boost.

‘Looking back, I don’t think I was depressed, as it happens – I was just exhausted, run down.’

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Lucy Lynch