Essex boys James 'Arg' Argent and Mark Wright are still very comfortable around each other

James ‘Arg’ Argent admits that he’s unlikely to return home fully clothed when he and Mark Wright enjoy a few drinks together.

The pair are still close, despite the fact that Mark, 25, quit The Only Way Is Essex last year.

‘When me, Mark and the boys get drunk, we do some extreme banter,’ Arg, 23, tells Celebs On Sunday magazine.

‘And you’d probably see us dancing around in the street, doing roly polys and wrestling.

‘I know it sounds gay, but we try and rip each other’s clothes off and strip each other.

‘I remember I was at a fancy dress party at this local nightclub once and a mate came up and ripped off my Ninja Turtle fancy dress outfit so I was down to my boxers.’

But Arg and Mark aren’t always so raucous – in fact, when it comes to buying each other gifts, they’re surprisingly domesticated.

‘We don’t really do the whole present wrapping thing, but we normally go shopping around Christmas together and we pick a few things out and treat each other,’ says Arg.

‘I think last year he got me something from Reiss and some shoes from Russell & Bromley, he’s a good friend.

‘He’s a big Only Fools And Horses fan, so for one of his presents last year I bought him the slippers and the mug.’

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Anna Duff