Terry Christian comes second and Coolio's third

Celebrity Big Brother winner Ulrika Jonsson admits being in the CBB house was one of the weirdest experiences of her life. She never expected to last the 3 weeks – let alone win.

‘I only packed enough panty-liners for 2 weeks,’ she told Davina MCall, who congratulated the mum-of-4 on her performances in the tasks,

‘My highlight was singing with Vernon,’ Ulrika admitted. ‘He’s such a perfectionist.’

Runner-up Terry Christian, 42, laughed off saying that Celebrity Big Brother voters are thick with the excuse that he’d had a ‘few sherberts’, but that might well have cost him the CBB crown.

Terry felt that although Ulrika, 41, had a good sense of humour, she was ‘high-handed’ because she tried to make him wash up.

Coolio was deflated by only coming 3rd.

‘I’m a winner, I win most of the time. I’m a terrible loser,’ the rapper told Davina. ”My game was to irritate a few people and get them to walk out.

‘I expected Verne or Ben to win – or La Toya. But all the Manchester United fans got behind Terry.’ Not enough, obviously.

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