Nantita Khrumpiramon becomes internet sensation after auditioning for the show

Nantita Khumpiramon has become a YouTube sensation after appearing on Thailand’s version of Britain’s Got Talent.

‘I’m going to sing two songs that I’ve remixed myself,’ announces the brown-haired beauty at the start of the audition.

Nantita, 27, shocks the judges when she switches from a soft female voice to deep male vocals midway through Thai power ballad Unlovable.

Transgender Nantita performs the rest of the song with her male voice.

‘Initially, I was certain that you were a transexual,’ says one of the judges.

‘But once you started singing I was fooled into thinking that you were female.

‘You have been deceiving me all along. It’s impossible,’ adds Nirut Sirijanya.

‘He’s beautiful isn’t he? I was dumbfounded,’ agrees fellow panelist Pornchita Songkhla.

All three judges vote to put Nantita through to the next round of the competition.

Watch Nantita’s audition below…