Single mum Chloe from Wakefield in Yorkshire faces allegations in Sunday tabloid


X Factor contestant Chloe Victoria told Simon Cowell she’s a full-time single mum but the 19-year-old has been working as a £250-an-hour hooker, it’s claimed.

The ‘yummy mummy’ is reported to feature on an adult website as Candy, a ‘100 per cent English Yorkshire dirty slut’.

‘I started this in June, it’s good money. I want my girl to have the things I never had. I get her nice proper shoes and designer outfits. My daughter is proper smart – she’s like me, only better,’ Chloe Victoria is said to have told a News Of The World reporter.

‘In a good week, I clear ten grand. I’ve been booked by all kinds – I’ve even had a couple of famous clients.

‘I don’t feel degraded. I like to go out and party – I’m getting paid to do what I want. It’s really nice.

‘I’ve got a high sex drive – when I’m on it, I’m on it!’

Chloe Victoria – real name Chloe Heald – also calls herself Chloe Mafia or Chloemaff, a nickname she was given before being kicked out of school at 13.

The teenager from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, gave birth at 17 but recently split with the baby’s father.

‘I’ve done a lot of bad things but one thing I’m not is a prostitute,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘What I have been is a dancer working for something called P2P which means I’m paid to party.’

Simon and Nicole Scherzinger put Chloe Victoria through to next week’s boot camp and the media mogul says: ‘We haven’t banned prostitutes. If a person applies to The X Factor it’s obvious they want to do something better with their life.’

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