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The last time Now interviewed the walking, talking human gene pool of perfection that is Michelle Keegan, 28, we came away sweaty and flustered – and with one helluva girl crush.

Well, not this time Keegs! This time around we have vowed to roll in nonchalantly, armed with a steely glare, a poker face, and a pencil.

As Lipsy’s PR ushered us into the lobby of The Rosewood Hotel, we couldn’t help notice the throng of paps and fans jostling outside: ‘Woah, someone’s popular!’ …‘Yeah she is! The best thing is, Justin Bieber’s staying here too,’ laughed the PR, ‘He’s kicking off about the paps… Oh, but Biebs babez, they’re not here for you!’

Yup, this is serious, hard-hitting journalism this is. No time for any gushy fan-girling here:

WATCH! What happened when Now gave Michelle Keegan a really rubbish mani’ (and wound-up talking babies and Botox instead) above.

Here’s a brief snippet of her interview with Now’s Gilly Ferguson…

So, we’re here to celebrate your new Lipsy collection – congratulations. There are 25-pieces to pick from – which do you think will be the bestseller?

Michelle: The Lipsy LBD (£70) It has bronze lace on it so it’s perfect for Christmas.

N: And what’s your I-CAN’T-STOP-SHOPPING-IT fashion item?

M: Jeans! You can never have enough. I have a million pairs of Topshop skinnies – they keep bringing out new ones, and I keep on buying them. My wardrobe consists entirely of Topshop jeans, and Lipsy.

N: Do you go on huge shopping sprees and hide it and from Mark?

M: Not really, if anything I want to show it to him but he’s not bothered – he’s like ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s nice…’ I’m all: ‘But you’re not looooking at me!’ If he buys anything he gets very excited about showing me!

N: Did you ever have a ‘gah year’ – an age when you just did naht look good?

M: My entire high school years. I was the ugly ducking out of my group – there are some horrendous pictures of me out there. I’m not insecure, but all girls have something they’re funny about. I DO like my feet and my hands though.

N: You’ve got great skin too, what’s your secret?

M: I’ve had a breakout recently – it’s the change in weather.

[FYI: Now saw exactly NO spots]

M: I’ve covered them with my hair! Kiehls Night Recovery Concentrate £36 is great, and I sleep in Kiehls Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque £28 twice a week.

N: Do all the Botox rumours bother you?….

… WATCH Now’s video chat with Michelle Keegan (above) to see her confront those Botox rumours, the pregnancy thing… and prove she’s a ruddy hoot when she shares her and Mark Wright’s funniest row yet…


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