Nail art is like-totally-obvi, yah! This summer the celebs have got all artsy f-artsy with face art - find out how to get the look

Whether your heading off to Glasto this weekend or chilling by the pool, nail art is out and it’s all about face art this season!

We’re not talking half a pot of glitter after one too many ciders but the perfectly applied design that will add a sparkle and get everyone chatting to you in the loo queue.

Watch our video below and take some hints and tips from makeup artist Lois Pickup to make your face art the additional accessory and not the look of Mike Tyson!

As seen on celebs like Sheanae Grimes and Vanessa Hudgens on the red carpet earlier this year, temporary tattoos and face art are the way forward this year – minus the guilt of waking up with your name in Greek in a questionable place (sorry mum!)

So, the perfect tips to achieve this cool look?

  1. Apply with a gel liner, using a tissue to wipe off any excess.
  2. Simply sketch out the outline with a fine-tipped brush – Now recommends £3.88 Real Techniques – resting one elbow on a flat surface to steady yourself!
  3. Correct any mistakes with a baby wipe, wrapping it around the end of the brush for added precision
  4. Face Art sketched around the outside of the eye acts a bit like a winged eyeliner, so lengthening the look of your eye and defining cheekbones.
  5. Indulge your inner Neil Buchanan and get as creative as you like, just use a loose powder to set.

Feeling adventurous? Swap your black liner for some coloured ones like these from Urban Decay priced from £14 each.

So now you’re all set! And fingers crossed they’ll stay rain or shine! Just remove with your usual face cleanser and a little elbow grease!

With thanks to Kempinski Hotel, Soma Bay

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Sarah Bradbury