Presenting a whole week's worth of genius beauty tips that won't cost you a penny

1. Upgrade your nail varnish
Bold colours are HUGE news for autumn. We’re especially excited about Alexa Chung‘s textured Nails Inc range, (£15 each) and Armani‘s super-bright Nail Lacquers (£20 each) are worth shelling out for too. But you can dial up any at-home mani by starting with a white basecoat, you probably already have in your beauty box. It’ll make your varnish pop. Promise.

2. Keep your high tech mascara wand
It’s not just the black goop that exercises mascara boffins at the major beauty brands. Like GCSE science students at Hogwarts, they spend YEARS studying wand technology. So, here’s a beauty tip, next time your designer mascara dries out, don’t be so hasty to bin the whole bottle. Re-use the fancypants wand (like our favourite YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils£24.50) in a cheaper mascara bottle until payday rolls around again.

3. Curl your lashes with a spoon
It’s lashes not lips that are set to steal the limelight this season. But here’s a tip – you don’t need super spenny mascara or curlers to get the look. Yep, get the wide-awake look by curling your lashes around a spoon. Simply hold the spoon against your eyelid and smooth the lashes around the edge with your thumb.
Watch the how-to video here.

4. Clear up spots with toothpaste
Breakouts blow, right? Minimize redness and swelling by covering the offending zit in toothpaste for five minutes. Just don’t forget to remove it before you leave the house, eh?

5. Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth
Ugh. Is there anything worse than rocking a power pout and having the colour slip all over your teeth (Lauren Goodger, we’re looking at YOU). Deal with it in seconds with your digit. Put your index finger into your mouth, close your lips around it and pull it out again. Any danger-zone colour will be on your finger, not your teeth. Probs also works with Chupachups. Just sayin’.

6. Tame your tresses with talc
Need to refresh your hair but no time for a shower? A tiny dab of talc at the roots (provided your hair is light) will absorb oil and add volume.

7. Use conditioner as shaving gel
Save forking out for yet another skincare product by making do with conditioner, baby oil or any cooking oil from the kitchen Your razor will glide through the hairs and your skin will be left silky smooth too. Clever, no?