If you want to see how orange – sorry, tanned – Alex Reid can get, read this!


Celebrity Big Brother made sure Alex Reid got his fake tan fix last night by giving him a bag full of the stuff.

The celebrities were allowed to request some luxury items and the fake tan product Fake Bake was on the list. So Channel 4 duly gathered gallons of the bronzer and it was put into the celebrities‘ goody bags.

Obviously Alex feels the need to be as bronzed as Katie Price when he comes out of the Big Brother house. So last night he got Basshunter and Nicola T to spray him all over (and we mean all over) with the Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan, £26.

They actually did a pretty good job and managed to cover him in fake tan from head to toe. All Alex had to do was spray his willy!

We can’t wait to watch Celebrity Big Brother tonight just to see how orange – sorry, we mean tanned – Alex has become after the Fake Bake’s had a chance to develop.

And who knows – with the amount they sprayed on him he may even be more bronzed than Katie!

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Charmian Harris