New Year is the perfect time to overhaul your make-up bag. Just follow our tips on when it's time to throw out the old and bring in the new

We’re all guilty of holding on to our favourite lippy or mascara even though it’s well past its usability date, so start off the New Year with our beauty advice to overhaul your make-up bag…

When should I get a new… mascara?
Is your current mascara dry and powdery? That means it’s ready for the bin. Once open, a tube of mascara normally lasts three months if you use it every day.

When should I get a new… eyeshadow?
Eyeshadows are one of your longest-lasting make-up products, making them a real investment. Unless they change appearance, they can last for two years.

When should I get a new… concealer?
If your concealer melts in the heat or hardens in the cold then it’s time to buy another. Otherwise, you can keep it for a year.

When should I get a new… bronzer?
Bronzers have a staying power of around two years. Make sure you have a brush you only use for bronzing so that oils from other products don’t contaminate and dry it out.

When should I get a new… nail polish?
Nail polishes last for six months. You can tell they’ve gone off when the colour separates from the oil or when they’re too clumpy to use.

When should I get a new… lipstick?
If you don’t manage to finish your lippy after 12 months, then it’s time to send it to make-up heaven and invest in a new one.

When should I get a new… highlighter?
As long as they’re kept out of direct sunlight, liquid highlighters will last you 12 months. They turn lumpy when they’re out of date so you’ll know if it’s time to say goodbye.

When should I get a new… eyeliner?
As eyeliners touch the inner parts of your eye you should make sure you change them every six months. If you get an eye infection, then throw it away pronto.

When should I get a new… blusher?
Blushers, like bronzers, last really well, which is why it’s worth spending a little more on them. Unless you drop and break it (is there anything worse?) then you’ve got at least two years with this beauty.

When should I get a new… lip gloss?
Lip glosses can keep going strong for 12 months but we find that we finish ours waaay before then.

When should I get a new… foundation?
Foundations need to be replaced every six to eight months. You know when it’s past its best when the oil and water separate and it comes out too runny.

When should I get a new… multitasking stain?
A lip and cheek stain lasts nine months. Be careful to not use the brush or applicator on different parts of the face, as that’s how infection spreads. Use your fingers or cotton buds instead.


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