No bias here- the blindfolded Now team sniffed 18 celeb scents to find our shock winner!

If we can’t be a rich and famous celebrity, we can at least smell like a rich and famous celebrity. But with so many celebs now turning their hand to the art of smelling good, which ones are really the best? Of course the only way to decide was to blindfold three of our fabulous Now mag team members, get them to sniff a celeb perfume and ask for their honest opinion…

Round 1 saw SJP Vs K-Pez Vs Kylie Vs Gwen Stefani Vs 1D.

These sweet smells proved popular with the Now team.

Lovely, Sarah Jessica Parker: ‘I love this one, but I’m not sure if it’s sophisticated or more granny like.’

Of Katy Perry’s Killer Queen Royal Revolution our team said, ‘Mmm yes- not too sweet or over powering.’ In it’s jewel-like blue bottle Ms. Perry’s scent won the round.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s smells were pitted against each other in round 2. Our girls ‘could imagine a dapper, sexy man’ in Jay-Z’s Gold for men. While Beyonce’s Heat Kissed was praised, ‘You could wear this anywhere’.

Not many male celebs make women’s fragrances but Peter Andre’s summer scent Breeze nailed it, ‘fresh and flirty- perfect for a date.’

Paris Hilton’s 18th (!) perfume, Anniversary Fragrance, ‘smells like melon-scented soap or bubble bath.’ But it was Nicki Minaj’s Onika that won the round with its’ sweet floral and fruity scent.

So whose celebrity scent comes out on top?

Runner-Up: Katy Perry’s Killer Queen’s Royal; Revolution and Nicki Minaj’s Onika.

Winner: It was close, with blindfolded staffers pretty panicked over their top pick, but the winner… is Peter Andre’s Breeze. We did not see that coming! Nice one, Pete.

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Lydia Thompson / Rowena Kinghorn