Posh is still battling her bunions

Ouch! It seems poor Victoria Beckham is having to choose between fashion and pain on a daily basis due to her sore bunions

After previously opting for comfy flip-flops and flats, Posh put her trademark heels back on put her trademark heels back on for a flight from LA back to London.

But although we all know that Victoria‘s squeezed her feet into sky-high heels for years, you may be surprised to hear that’s not what’s caused her bunions.

According to The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, badly fitting shoes are not to blame. In fact, bunions are most often caused by a genetic defect in the foot that makes some people more likely to develop them.

Podiatrist Lorraine Jones says: ‘While shoes do not cause bunions, they can aggravate the problem, so if you’ve noticed a bump developing where your big toe joins the foot, it may be time to switch your footwear.

‘Try to opt for wider shoes that provide your toes with room to move and keep your heel height to no more than 4cm for maximum comfort.’

If her recent choice of footwear is anything to go by, it seems Victoria is listening to medical advice. Her only other option may be to have a bunionectomy to realign her toe bone – double ouch!

Poor Posh‘s bunion is clear to see in this 2008 pic…

 Victoria Beckham's bunion in 2008 | Now Magazine | Celebrity Gossip | Pictures