What do you make of Cara Delevingne fresh-faced look?

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne is undeniably stylish and beautiful to boot.

So when the 20-year-old stepped out in New York City without make-up, she almost certainly knew the eyes of the world would be scrutinizing her.

Is she over-tired? Over-worked? Partying too hard? Does she have puffy eyes? Is her lifestyle taking its toll on her complexion? In a word, no.

Cara may be super busy but instead of slapping on some sunglasses like any other celeb, the face-of-Burberry was all smiles as she posed slap-free for fans on a sidewalk on Tuesday.

Wearing her staple cap, racing stripe J Brand jeans, buckle boots and a leather bomber, Cara effortlessly notched up her spring/summer ’13 trends – and what she lacked in make-up?

She certainly made up for in smiles.

Granted, she could have run a comb through her celebrity brows (or even her hair) but there’s no denying that – busy or not – Cara is just SO hot right now.

Fashion fact.

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