Brunette is so last year...blonde is the new hot hair colour!

It must have been the Miami sunshine where Fearne Cotton recently soaked up some rays on holiday that made the Radio 1 DJ want a drastic hair colour change.

So, as soon as she got back she gave her hairdresser Mark Hill a call and asked him for a complete colour change. 

‘I wasn’t too shocked when I got the call as she is never frightened to try out new cuts, styles or colours with her hair,’ says Mark.

Mark used a colouring technique called Atomic to add a touch of sunshine to Fearne‘s hair by putting lots of lighter, brighter tones through the main bulk of her hair, leaving the underneath darker and sprinkling icy blonde tones to the top section.

Fearne loves her new look and has been telling her fans all about it.

‘Gone blonde!’ she Tweets.

Fearne‘s hair now looks thicker, healthier and super shiny…she’s ready for a rock and roll summer of gigs and festivals.

Charmian Harris