We're so happy the presenter's hair's growing back


We were thrilled to see Gail Porter‘s winning her battle against alopecia on Five’s The Wright Stuff.

Gail, who lost her hair in 2005, has said: ‘I’ve been bald for so long now – it’s been five years – and 75 per cent of my hair has come back. But it’s come back black, which is strange because it was blonde before. I think I’ll have to ease myself into having hair again by being a skinhead for a while.’

Renowned hair doctor to the stars Philip Kingsley – who’s treated A-listers including Audrey Hepburn – told Now: ‘Gail suffered from alopecia areata which turned into alopecia totalis. The fact that Gail‘s hair is growing back is extremely encouraging both for Gail and for other alopecia sufferers.

‘If Gail was one of my patients, I’d recommend her to increase the protein in her diet. Breakfast is the most important meal for hair. A portion of eggs and bacon or kippers would be the ideal meal for hair health.’

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 Alison Tay