Plus which star stole Liz McClarnon's tattoo idea – before she could get it done? The celebs reveal ALL their beauty secrets to our GlamCam camera

Fashion fans, meet your new best friend – GlamCam! We go where no camera has gone before (well within legalities!) and film behind the scenes and getting ready with me style videos while asking all those burning fashion and beauty questions!

GlamCam will steal the secrets we know you’re always wondering on and off-set and most importantly, who they think is the best and worst dressed!

Our first exclusive installment of GlamCam was in the very glamorous location of the toilets at Kanaloa for Now’s Summer Beach Party – so apologies for the occasional hand drying action in the background!

We asked our gorgeous celeb girls to delve in the bucket or truth and ask them those all-important style and loo related questions because lets be honest, that’s where we all spend half the night anyway!

Whose brother was looking gorgeous? Who admires Rita Ora‘s style? Which YouTube sensations almost dressed the same as their future sister-in-law?

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Sarah Bradbury