Wow! We’re either going to vomit or rush home to try this beauty technique out ourselves.


We’re all for trying something in the name of beauty and we find ourselves wasting hours watching video from video but this latest one really had us baffled. Using dental floss to remove blackheads?! Humm…

Vloggers have tried and tested everything for us in the name of beauty – from popping your beauty blender in a condom or wasting a product all in the name for 100 layers of something. It’s like having a mate that’s Jay from The Inbetweeners in real life – ‘completed it mate’.

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But beauty blogger Sukhi Mann recently used dental floss to extract blackheads from her nose, which made incredibly gross and addictive viewing.

Want to try it at home? Well this is how she did it:

Firstly, Sukhi places a hot towel on her nose to steam open her pores and get them ready for extraction.

Then running the disposable floss down her nose, out come the little blackheads – vom. Sukhi even shows us the result and what comes out!

🔪DIY trick using disposable floss picks and mouthwash. This trick helps to extract whiteheads and blackheads. This hack definitely works❗️If you try it, tag me 🤗 ♥️ ___________ ◾️All you need is a hot towel, floss pick, and toner. ___________ 1️⃣Take a towel and place it in hot water. Take the towel out and make sure it isn’t too hot. Also, make sure that the area is clean and place the towel on the problem area so that the heat will open up the pores. Do this for about 5 mins or so. 2️⃣Take the disposable floss pick and drag it in a scraping motion. This option is cheaper and less likely to scar you than using a metal extractor. Be sure to not over do it. 3️⃣When finished, rinse the area with a mild cleanser. 4️⃣Follow up with a toner (you can use rose water, mouthwash, or your regular toner.) ❗️If you have really sensitive skin don't use mouthwash or do a patch test first. 5️⃣Be sure to moisturize your nose after applying the toner. ———– Tag your bestie ♥️ _____________ #hairmakeupdiary #facemask #skincare #makeuptutorial #fashionarttut #laurag_143 #sukhimann_ #instadaily #instalike #instamood #instafashion #chico #fashion #instamakeup #indianvlogger #indianblogger #desibeautyblog #nyxcosmetics #colorcorrection @glitterglamhouse @makyaj.bakim.onerileri @uae_trendmood #hudabeauty #allmordernmakeup #melformakeup #hypnaughtymakeup #inssta_makeup #makeupfanatic1 #brian_champagne #makeuptutorial #shimycatsmua #fakeupfix #associationofbeauty #hairmakeupdiary @laurag_143 #hudabeauty #liveglam #laurag_143 @bretmansvanity @brian_champagne #brian_champagne @farsalicare @hudabeauty

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Not sure we’ll be trying this technique at home as we don’t want to accidently bruise our nose and come across looking like Rudolf when it’s no where near Christmas – maybe just trying out one of those pore strips. Using methods of extraction can lead to scarring and actually stretch out your pores! So maybe not one try out after all, sorry Sukhi!

We’ll just stick to using the floss in our teeth, thanks.